ARGTEK Radioboard Wifi 400mW

Radioboard Wifi dengan output power mencapai 400mWt. Frekwensi 2.4Ghz – 2.486Ghz. Soket pigtail tipe SMA. Diperkuat dengan chipset Realtek RTL-8186. Sudah termasuk adaptor dan POE. Support mode AP, Station dan WDS, serta fitur QoS untuk management bandwith per IP-address.

Industrial Standard : 
Standard : 802.11b/g (Wireless), 802.3 (10BaseT), 802.3u (100BaseT)
Interface : One 10/100BaseT with RJ45 port (WAN)
                One 10/100BaseT with RJ45 ports (LAN)
Security : 64 bit/128 bit WEP, WPA, WPA2, port filtering, IP filtering, MAC filtering, port forwarding and DMZ hosting 
Frequency : Band 2.4GHz – 2.4846GHz ISM Band, DSSS
Signal Type & Modulation : CCK (802.11b), OFDM (802.11g)
Antenna : External Antenna
Output Power : 27±1.5dBm@11b
Sensitivity : 802.11b -80 dBm@8%PER
                  802.11g -68 dBm@8%PER
Channels : Ch1 2.412Ghz – CH14 2.484Ghz
Management : Web-base 
Base Platform : RTL 8186
Clock Speed : 180Mhz
Reset Switch : Built-in SW2
SDRAM : 16MB (with 2 2Mx16×4 SDRAM chips)
Flash : 2MB
Built-In LED Indicators : 1 Power, 2(Wireless), 1(WLAN), 2(Ethernet) 2 (GPIO)
Environment : 0 – 50° C ambient temperature
Power Supply : DC 12V @ 1.25A/1.5A PoE power supply
Dimensions : 130 x 80 x 35 mm
Harga : Rp. 500.000

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